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First and foremost, for those of you who haven't heard via other means, I have passed all my requisite forms, tests, etc, for U.S. citizenship and am being sworn in tomorrow. For those of you in the Philly area who haven't heard yet, and who would be interested in coming, we're gathering at 1600 Callowhill St. at 10:30, swearing in is at 11, in the 4th floor ceremonial courtroom. After the swearing in, we'll head to lunch at New Harmony, a Chinese place on 9th st. in Chinatown (very American, I know). Further celebrations at Nocturne in the evening.

Second of all, I am currently hunting for a full time job with health benefits. The last part is not optional, as I need to continue getting my heart transplant meds. I'm happy to send my resume far and wide.

Third of all, SPARC is running this summer, so we're looking for both campers and more staff. If you have leads on either, let me know.

That's all for now!
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