Oct. 25th, 2011

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Dear friends and colleagues,

I write today with happy news. Skola Events is growing as a company, and we are now at the point where we have enough recurring events that we are able to split our workload. Pursuant to that, I would like to start off with a discussion about Dorian's Parlor.
As most of you know, Dorian's Parlor is our flagship event, and the most well known of our monthly events. While I will remain the face, producer, and spokesman for Dorian's Parlor, I am turning over much of the day to day directing to Dr. Andy Lange, effective immediately.
Dr. Andy has been a member of the Dorian's Parlor Oversight Panel since the inception of the event, and has been instrumental in helping us improve the quality of our tech, as well as our connections with local media. He comes to this position with over a decade of experience in event management, and has been the Chief of Staff in a major east coast convention. Most recently, he has been a founding partner in Circuit Six and Mixenbord.
With Dr. Andy's ascension to directorship, the Circuit Six technical team at Dorian's Parlor will be run by Ms. Annelise Leonhart, who has been functioning as the stage manager since the early days of the Parlor.
I will still be at the events, and I will still be around to solve problems, but this takes a lot of the day to day work off my shoulders so that I can focus on other things to grow the company. While we do not expect any major changes for our November 26th show, Dr. Andy will be in touch with each of you to speak with you about what you are doing so that he can begin implementing positive changes for our January show.

Thank you all for your time, your help, and your support,

~Gil Cnaan
CEO, Skola Events


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