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Hello all,

Many of you know that just over two years ago, I started an event known as The Aviary, an alternative lifestyle event housed at The Arts Garage in Philadelphia. The event started in the smallest of the venue’s spaces, and eventually grew to the point of renting out the entire, 8,000 square foot, venue each month. In the meantime, I have acquired some other events and have others in mind that I would like to try out.

However, I am now at the point of having completely outgrown The Arts Garage, and am hunting for a new venue. I find myself with two options. In option one, I find a new nightclub that will give me the second Saturday of each month at a reasonable rate, that has 9,000+ square feet. If anyone is connected to a club that has that sort of opening in the greater Philadelphia area, I’d love to meet with them and talk to them ASAP. Option two, which seems more likely at this juncture, is that I try to attain a space of my own, in which I not only run my own events, but also work with many of the other promoters I have been fortunate enough to get to know over the last decade. If pursuing option two, I have a list of criteria that are necessary, preferred, and nice, as well as the appropriate zoning codes.

For basic necessities, I need the following:
9,000+ sq ft of club space
Access to both public transit and reasonable parking

For preferred things, I would like:
Handicap Accessibility
Multiple Rooms/Spaces
Commercial Kitchen

In a magical world, I would also get:
An already existing special occupancy license
Already installed lighting and sound equipment
A liquor license

While my preference would be to do this somewhere in Philadelphia that is neither very upscale nor the ghetto, I am willing to consider various suburbs on either side of the river if there is sufficient public transit. If I am staying in Philadelphia, any property I look at would have to be in one of the following zones:
• CMX-2, Neighborhood Commercial Mixed-Use-2
• CMX-3, Community Commercial Mixed-Use
• CMX-4, Center City Commercial Mixed-Use
• CMX-5, Center City Core Commercial Mixed-Use
• CA-2, Auto-Oriented Commercial-2
• ICMX, Industrial Commercial Mixed-Use
• IRMX, Industrial Residential Mixed-Use
• SP-AIR, Airport (Special Purpose)
• SP-ENT, Entertainment (Special Purpose)
• SP-STA, Sports Stadium (Special Purpose)
• SP-INS, Institutional (Special Purpose) (except around Germantown Avenue)

I do have a realtor looking, but if there’s someone within my extended social networks who is able to help, I always prefer to keep things “in family” as it were. If anyone has a potential spot, or knows of one, I can be reached at g i l c n a a n [at] g m a i l [dot] c o m
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