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So someone asked me recently why I've been posting a lot of kickstarters, indiegogo's, and other crowdfunding projects. The inherent assumption in their question was "why should I spend money on this?". While I was tempted to go into a long ramble about the economics of such things, and about how this allows a lot of projects to be aimed specifically at communities that would appreciate them that might otherwise be passed on by bigger companies, a far more basic reason struck me.

Fundamentally, in my mind, there are two ways to improve the world. The first, and, I will admit, more important in many ways, is to reduce harm. When we do disaster relief, when we try to reduce the pain in the world by stopping bad things from happening, when we try to relieve inequity and iniquity, we are making the world a better place.

However, the second way of making the world a better place is also important, and that is about increasing joy. While the amount of joy in the world is finite, the capacity for it is not. We can always create more joy. When I put on an event for a community, or when I put out a link for a crowdfunding project, or when I try to promote a project that someone is working on, my goal is to increase the joy in this world. And it is my hope that others join me, because the more joy we create, the better the world is.
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