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So the clinic results are in, and they are mostly good.

What do I mean by that? Everything non-heart looks great (kidneys, liver, etc), and the rejection on the heart is down, if not out. This is as good as we could possibly expect at the moment, given the amount of time. It means that the treatment took, and my heart is simply regenerating damaged cells into healthy cells as swiftly as possible. However, this does not mean I am out of the woods.

There are two dangers remaining. On one hand, there is a constant worry that with my immune system as compromised as it is, I can get sick more easily. On the other hand, in the next five months, my immune system is expected to recover. The worry, when my immune system recovers, is that it will start attacking the heart again. What we did last time was essentially raze the entire thing to the ground, and we're hoping that when it rebuilds, it rebuilds without the specific antibodies relating to my heart. There is no guarantee of this, and due to this, I'll be going in for monthly checkups to make sure that we catch any future problems *before* they become critical. This will probably last a year. Assuming everything goes well for a year, we'll declare me provisionally out of the woods and I will be seeing the clinic less often.

So what does that mean in the meantime? I will probably be shifting some priorities around. First and foremost, I have redoubled my search for a day job, and have already interviewed for a position. The goal here is twofold, better insurance (so I don't have to be as worried by future hospital bills), and a more stable income so Becky and I can start a family.

Secondly, I am going to be reorganizing my other projects. I have already been delegating a lot of my one-night events to people I trust to take care of most of the administration of them. I plan to overhaul these events so I can somewhat pay the people working on them (yes, I dream big). Additionally, I plan to seek out investors, hopefully from people who have seen what I can do, for some of my bigger ticket ideas (bigger ticket ideas not discussed here in depth because I'm trying to keep some tricks up my sleeve).

Thirdly, I am *trying* to be more social and spend more time with people on a small scale, rather than just at large events. So far, my success at this has been lackluster. Not because of a lack of wonderful people to see, but because I'm still not at full energy, and because my evenings and weekends tend to be full of school, work, events, and seeing partners and family, leaving little time to socialize elsewhere. That said, I am still trying to improve this. If I don't respond to something, it's not out of a lack of love, it's out of just being incredibly rushed, and trying to reorganize and reevaluate, so that I don't stay that way. After all, if I get a heart attack, I'm pretty sure several hundred people would line up to kill me.

Anyway, that's the health and life update from Gil. Now tell me, how are *you* all doing?
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