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Hello all!

Have you been to one of our events and gone “hey, this is really awesome! I’d love to help make this more awesome!” Or have you ever looked at one of our events and said “hey, this looks really awesome! I wish I could go!” Or have you ever looked at me and said “hey, Gil looks really exhausted, I wish I could help him!”

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then Skola Events may want you (much like Uncle Sam, but citizenship is not a requirement here). We are looking to solidify our current events and get them to the point of being more self-sustaining. That means we need more people.

Specifically, to start off, we need promotional help. We need folks in Philadelphia who will be willing to go out and take fliers from us and put them all over, hand them to likely seeming folks, and generally try to make sure that our events become more well-known. In addition to that, we need a web team that will post about our events all over, make sure to mention us in their social networks, and put our press releases for Dorian’s and other events in specific places each month.

Now, you may ask, “what can I get from this?” I’m very glad you asked this, imaginary person I’m talking to while writing this note! In addition to our love and gratitude, people who do these lovely things for us will be eligible for discounted, possibly even free, admission to many of our events. If we can, we will also help you get into other events that we don’t run with the understanding that you’ll be advertising for us while you’re there.

If this seems like something you may be interested in, please e-mail and get in touch with us. If there are other things you wish to offer us, we’d be glad to hear!

Lastly, even if you are not currently interested in this, please do share/repost/pass this information around as much as possible.

Thanks and love,

~Gil Cnaan, C.E.O. Skola Events
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